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Returns or exchanges due to incorrect choices are not accepted.

Please ensure you check all garment MEASUREMENTS carefully. Refer to the Fittings page before you make your selection. Due to variations in style fits and sizing, simply choosing your 'size' may result in garments that are incorrect sizing.

Please be aware that colours may not display correctly on all computer monitors. Colour choices need to be made with this aspect in mind.

All returns must be authorised by Possum Hill Creations.

Any unauthorised returns or unrequested deliveries will be returned to the sender automatically. If you feel you have reason to return an item for replacement or refund, contact Possum Hill Creations before doing so.

Only defective or incorrectly supplied items may be refunded or exchanged.

Unpaid orders are without obligation

Orders may be placed unpaid. Orders are not finalised and work is not commenced until cleared payment is received.

Unpaid orders can be changed, or cancelled, before payment is made.

Unpaid orders cannot remain open indefinitely, and will expire after 21 days unless contact and arrangements to the contrary are made. Please note that price variations will occur periodically and unpaid order quotes are subject to these variations after the 21 day expiry period.

Confirmed and paid for orders cannot be changed or cancelled

All order processing commences when cleared payment has been received.

Once order processing has commenced, orders can no longer be changed or cancelled.

Delivery timelines

Please allow 5-10 days for 'Shop' orders and 10-14 days for Custom Text, Custom Design and Personalized Designs.

If urgent delivery is needed, contact us in advance to check best possible turnaround/ETA.

Also, orders needed by a certain date should be noted accordingly in the 'Message' field on the Contact page.

No responsibility for loss or delay by third-party carriers

We cannot accept liability for loss or delay by Australia Post .

Contact us in advance if concerned about larger or more urgent orders.

Stock availability

All items are generally readily available, however on rare occasions an item may sell-out unexpectedly.

If any item cannot be shipped within the specified timeline, customers will be contacted regarding the situation. Substitution or refund can be arranged to avoid delay.