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Welcome to Rhinestone T Shirts by Possum Hill Creations.

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At Possum Hill Creations we design and create beautiful and stunning rhinestone T Shirts using the best quality Korean machine cut rhinestones.

Our services are available to both the individual, and the corporate sector. So, whether it's a one off design or larger orders, we're sure to be able to meet your needs.

We offer a selection of Women's and Girl's T Shirts for the application of our motifs, but will happily apply our motifs to your garments for a small application fee.

Our new Online Shop offers a selection of Girl's and Women's rhinestone motifs and Tees for you to choose from. These include Bridal, Wine, Cheer, Zodiac and more.
Choose from our Shop range.
In house Designsou can choose from our range of personalized designs.
Want to add a personal touch with a name or a special date? Then check out our range of personalized t shirt designs.
Choose from our range of personalized designs.
In house DesignsYou can create your own custom text designs.
With just 5 simple steps you can create your own unique text motif for your t shirt that says just what you want it to say.
Create your own custom text designs.
Fully customize a design with your own text and image.
Perfect for the corporate sector, groups and organizations. Rhinestone motifs with your logo and slogan or company/group name are a great way to let the world know who you are, with a touch of elegance.
Got a special night out planned or just want to have some fun? Then check out our affordable Rhinestone Hair Crystals
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